Today’s Veterinary Business recently published an article by Relief Rover’s very own Cindy Trice, DVM. This is an insider piece if you will, full of secrets divulged. You’ll learn there is no archetypal definition of “relief veterinarian”. There are many, and none are wrong. The article discusses the different types of vets who pursue relief work and why.

Click here to view the full article. For a summary of the article, read on.

There are 11 different relief vet personalities!

Relief vets, which one are you?

Employers, how would each type benefit your practice?

Below are 3 personality examples: 

  • The Entrepreneurs. These vets don’t even mind the accounting and secretarial aspects of their lives, so long as they are the ones managing them.
  • The Jugglers. These are the vets adept at solving the puzzle of fitting their career into their intricate daily lives.
  • The Diversifiers. These vets see between the lines and know that they’ve accrued a fountain of skills from their veterinary schooling. Those skills take them to the outskirts of vet med.

Discover 8 other heroic and intrepid personalities in the complete article.

Relief veterinarians are all risk takers in their own right, altering their conventional daily lives in hopes of attaining the kismet of work-life balance. And from an employer perspective, they are worth their weight in gold.

We hope you’ll agree that the article is a gold mine for both relief vets and employers! We think you’ll glean some interesting nuggets.  ;  )


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