Hot spiced pumpkin drinks. Earth tones. Hallmark movies. The smell of comfort food in the oven. And then…

Holiday songs on the loudspeakers at CVS.

When all of those things converge, it can only mean one thing: November has come to the good old U. S. of A.

November means different things to all of us. Football games cuddled in big knit scarves. Fond memories of creating color-coded study guides for final exams (I’m guessing). Hiking in the crisp air with the smell of damp leaves weaving up from under our duck boots. And time for gratitude, reflection, and family.

We at Relief Rover are counting the blessings we have in our family… Our brave, inspiring, vibrant and versatile members. Some of you use your freedom to kick back with family and friends for the whole month. Others are working hard so colleagues can enjoy the holidays with their loved ones. Either way, we are excited for you, proud of you, and love serving you every day of the year.

This year, we were excited to learn some of the reasons you’re thankful for us! We are so happy you shared. Without further ado, here are five things Relief Rover members are thankful for.


1. The “uplifting” community of members

Xuân Mai Võ: “My favourite thing about RR is the uplifting community. It supports and drives both the individual and the entire veterinary profession to… reach for quality in medicine, confidence in business practices, and a good work-life balance.”

Our response: Thank you Dr. Võ! We are so proud to have you as a member of our team and community. You represent the “explorer” relief vet persona and we are happy that relief work gives you the lifestyle you love.

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Carlyn Zylstra: “The community! As a relief doctor you can sometimes feel like you have to figure things out on your own but the community has been such a great resource.”

Our response: We love you Dr. Zylstra! Your fearlessness is awe-inspiring. We are so proud and grateful to count you as part of our family. And our members are so lucky to have you waiting in the community for them!

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2. The “friendly and helpful” Relief Rover team

Jeff Klemens: “My favorite thing about Relief Rover are the people behind the scenes putting in the extra hours to create this incredible community and resource.”

Our response: Dr. Klemens, you always put a smile on our faces. We love having your quirky persona in R Magazine. You have a unique brand of humor that we appreciate more than you know. Always a blessing to hear your voice!

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Vanessa Yeager: “The people behind the scenes are very friendly and helpful.”

Our response: We’re so happy you’re happy Dr. Yeager! It’s easy to be friendly and helpful when we have dedicated members like you : )

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3. The supply of jobs without a “middle man”

Steven Edwards: “My favorite thing about Relief Rover is the way that it connects relief vets and hospitals, WITHOUT providing a barrier between them (unlike staffing agencies). The relief vet maintains their autonomy in business negotiations with the hospital, and the hospital maintains their autonomy in choosing the relief vet. Relief Rover is in the middle… WITHOUT being the ‘middle man’.”

Our response: Dr. Edwards, we are so grateful to have you as one of the “O.G.” members of Relief Rover! We love providing a jobs platform where relief vets can set their own rates and know we’ll never take a cut. And we love the path you blazed for yourself and your passion for behavior. Thank you for being you!

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Marc Kramer: “I appreciate the fact that there’s a network out there for connecting us together in this unique relief niche of veterinary medicine. Although I haven’t needed it recently (thankful for plenty of relief gigs!), just the fact that a support structure is in place for when we *do* need it is a real comfort. Thanks!!!”

Our response: Dr. Kramer, we’re happy to be that safety net that gives you peace of mind! As relief work becomes more prevalent than ever, more and more relief vets are finding jobs on Relief Rover. We’re always here when you need us : )

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4. The extensive collection of resources

Sheila Newenham: “My favorite thing is the resources — the at-a-glance state licensing requirements, the DEA licensing quagmire as it relates to reliefers, things like that.”

Our response: Why thank you for noticing, Dr. Newenham! We’re so happy they’re useful. Creating these resources takes a lot of time and coordination behind the scenes. Knowing that it helps you practice efficiently makes it all worth it!

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5. That Relief Rover “actually acts on” member feedback

Colleen O’Brien: “That RR looks for and values feedback and then actually acts on it.”

Our response: Keep the feedback coming, Dr. O’Brien! We’re always trying to make your experience better. Psst… Have you checked out our new message center and applications center yet? They’re smack in the middle of your relief pro dashboard. They should make it even easier to connect with employers on Relief Rover!

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Have feedback or ideas? Email ’em to [email protected]!

As relief vets, we live a lifestyle we’re grateful for. Join us!


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