About Relief Rover

About Relief RoverRelief Rover was created in 2017 out of a passion to help vets do what they love doing (caring for and healing animals) without giving up freedom, control, variety, and even the opportunity to experience different parts of the country and sometimes the world. It’s not the typical routine, which is why we love relief work. We get it. That’s why Relief Rover was created.

The vision at Relief Rover is all about community and connection. We connect veterinary practices with relief vets, relief vets to each other to share tips and tricks, and relief vets to resources and service providers that can help them elevate their practice.

We all need to step out of our vet skin sometimes and nurture the other sides of ourselves. Relief Rover helps practices find the right relief vets bringing their unique expertise where they will integrate comfortably into your culture and support practice goals. Then you can relax while you’re away. We bring it so you can leave it.

Cindy Trice, Relief Rover’s founder, is a self-proclaimed adventurer. She’s a practicing relief vet with over a decade of experience traveling the country working in over 50 unique general, emergency, and shelter practices. She finds deep satisfaction in helping other vets take those hard earned breaks.

For those who are passionate about being part of a community of like-minded and adventurous vets, please join us and help create a bigger, better path to work-life balance and wellness for all.