I have something incredible to share with you… 

Before I dig into the big news, I want to say thank you. While my work as a relief veterinarian began as a way to find flexibility and freedom, it became so much more. Relief Rover was born at my breakfast table as an idea to uplift and support relief professionals. Taking this remarkable journey together over the past 5 years as a community of over 4,400 relief pros, opened my eyes to countless opportunities to make a positive impact on our profession, including the one I’m thrilled to announce today… 

I’m excited to announce that Relief Rover is joining forces with Hound, a platform dedicated to helping the hard-working heroes of veterinary medicine work how they want, love their work, and care for more pets.

It’s a match made in the veterinary clinic.

Hound is a community of happy, hardworking humans who dedicate their work life to veterinary medicine. Like Relief Rover, they provide modern job search, a robust community, and opportunities for professional relationship building. They are unique in that they have built sophisticated tools that empower the people of vet med to make positive contributions to the cultures at their workplaces.

Relief Rover is proud to be joining this community – strengthening the veterinary field by connecting you to more opportunities to create freedom and sustainability for the profession we all love.


Relief Rover is a true community-driven company.

We heard your feedback and plan to take it all into account as we build this exciting next stage. Combining forces with Hound will help us reach our technical milestones faster to provide you with more opportunities, resources, and assets to build and run your relief practices efficiently, connect with the right jobs, and grow your networks. Hound’s highly sophisticated and engaging technology platform helps the workers of vet med find permanent employment or independent contract opportunities, and directly contribute to creating and supporting positive practice cultures. 


Relief Rover x Hound

I’m also pleased to collaborate with Hound’s founder and CEO, Andrew Luna, who has deep experience in our profession. As Hound’s Chief Veterinary Officer, I will continue to direct strategy, partnerships, and community growth, alongside key members of the Relief Rover team, plus Hound’s technology team. Together, with your valued feedback, we will continue to power and innovate on the platform that helps you thrive in your career.

Alongside Hound, we remain committed to engaging, empowering, and elevating relief professionals for the benefit of the entire profession. This is an exciting new chapter for our Relief Rover members, and I’m delighted to have you – the colleagues I care so much about – on this journey with me.



The team that made this all possible

Relief Rover’s success is directly attributable to you, our amazing community, and to this group of incredible women who have dedicated their skills, talents, and passion for our profession to make Relief Rover what it is today. I am forever grateful to this talented team, some of whom will be joining us at Hound.




So what does this mean for you as a member of Relief Rover?

For the next several months, your Relief Rover account will stay the same while we build our new technology. Building Relief Rover 2.0 will be a highly-collaborative effort, and we will listen intently to your feedback and requests. Our goal is to build a suite of best-in-breed relief tools with our community’s needs put first and foremost.

For more detailed information, please visit www.hound.vet/reliefrover.

I’m honored to continue empowering you as we make progress on our new platform, tools, and resources in the coming months and years beyond.

In the spirit of community,



Cindy Trice, DVM 

Founder, Relief Rover

Chief Veterinary Officer, Hound 





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