Apply to jobs

You’ve seen a job that interests you, and you’re thinking about applying to it. Relief Rover’s new job application features makes it easy for you to apply, track and contact employers all from your account. To get started, you’ll first need to search for jobs, then apply directly from the job posting. 

From the job posting, click the “contact employer” button on the right hand column.

You’ll see a popup application form titled Apply. From this popup, you can write a short message or cover letter, upload your resume as an attachment and confirm your licensing and insurance situation.

After you send your application, you can see all past applications from your dashboard by clicking on the new Applications icon.

A note about Resumes and Job Applications

Before applying to a job, it’s a good idea to check that your Resume is published and visible to employers. Your Resume can be invisible when you apply to a job, but employers will not be able to see anything except your name, and what you fill out in the job application form. 

Review this article about hiding or publishing your Resume to learn more.