Happy Holidays!

Tips for working relief during the holidays. Schedule fun time early! We know it can be hard for relief vets to say no when we’re in such high demand – especially at holiday time! Be sure to build in some celebratory events for yourself and your family and keep that time sacred. Decorate yourself! If

The Gratitude Feedback Loop

As I do every November, I’ve started thinking a lot about gratitude. I realize this should be top of mind every day. And it is, to some degree. But I’m susceptible to seasonal messaging so I obsess about candy in October, ramp up my gratitude in November, focus on generosity in December, and energize on

Burning Out to Burning Bright Webinar

If the words “burnt out” are on your mind either because you feel that way or you see it in your teams, you’re not going to want to miss this dynamic discussion. We learn the stats about burnout in the veterinary profession, the symptoms, and share both personal and organizational strategies for combatting this insidious

Spooky Relief Vet Jobs

How to Handle Scary Relief Gigs. Not all relief jobs are smooth sailing, and part of being a relief vet is dealing with uncomfortable situations in unfamiliar environments with strangers. It comes with the territory. In the spirit of Halloween, I present some scary relief vet scenarios. The Scary Practice It happens. You agree to work

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Jennifer Lopez

Ever wish you could have a dermatology brain nearby to pick? Well, you, my friend, are in luck. I know one such veterinarian – and she can be lured with Sour Patch Kids and coffee. Derm aside, Dr. Jennifer Lopez also has an affinity for surgery and emergency care. She knows the value that having

Meet a Relief Tech, Melissa Evans

Riding the wave of adrenaline from the recent IVECCS conference, meet Melissa Evans, LVT, CVT, VTS (ECC). With a past life that includes acting and singing, it was a cancer diagnosis that proved pivotal, propelling Melissa forward into the relief world. Education is constantly evolving. Teaching is fluid. And the veterinary world is strained. New

Meet a Relief Tech – Robyn Timmons

When you’re met by a round of applause, you know you’re in the right place. And for relief technician Robyn Timmons, her place is one of turtles. Marine ecosystems. Urgent care. ER. Disaster relief. She encourages all technicians to remember their worth. To find their niche. To become essential. So, sip on a glass of

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Jana Van Stee

It takes a certain type of person to dive headfirst both into relief work AND emergency – right after graduation. Quickly developing an affinity for the intensity of critical care, Dr. Jana Van Stee allowed her veterinary career to lead the way.  She was hooked. The momentum kept up, and her adventures now span from

Meet a Relief Tech, Alyssa Mages

So you’re looking for a rock band. Wait, no, a painter? Synchronized swim coach? No? My bad. How about a technician who can not only mentor and encourage your team, but can do so in conversational Spanish, French, and German? Pennsylvania and New Jersey likely already know her. How about you? Meet Alyssa Mages. ~~~~~~~

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Karen Gant

“Try something new.” How many times do we hear that phrase – or provide it as a sound piece of advice to friends or family? With an already fulfilling career of 22 years, Dr. Karen Gant was ready to give it up, but not before first trying a few relief gigs. She was hooked. With an