Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Ericka Carroll

Is there anything that dogs love more than peanut butter?  One of the most essential tools of trade, this edible icebreaker has a permanent home within Dr. Ericka Carroll’s supply bag.  Whether in California, Pennsylvania, or New York, this freelance consultant, relief veterinarian, and previous Veterinary Corps Officer for the U.S. Army brings more than

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Anais Alamo-Abraham

Navigation of the relief world can be daunting – both for the clinic and the relief vet.  Strong communication and teamwork, however, can overcome the obstacles and create a beautiful working relationship.  With fabulous organizational traits inherent, Dr. Anais Alamo-Abraham’s caring nature both with staff and clients helps her excel in the relief profession.  Chicago,

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Amber Parks

Boating, scuba, and running – all can be categorized as stress relievers and just plain fun.  Working in a field notorious for putting the patients first and carrying an often-heavy burden of stress, self-care is often difficult.  And Dr. Amber Parks hopes to alleviate that, one clinic at a time!  Please allow her to provide

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Chrissy Mamone

Veterinary medicine relies on one’s ability to be a Jack – or Jill – of all trades.  Whether it is emergency, general practice, or high volume spay and neuter, Dr. Chrissy Mamone is up for the task.  She loves to challenge the dullness of daily life with a smile, is ever grateful for her mentors,

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Carlyn Zylstra

As the saying goes, “we live where you vacation”, and Dr. Carlyn Zylstra would love to take you up on that offer!  This Washington based, Alaska licensed, inspiring veterinarian has both Nevada and Florida in her sights.  She has learned to reinvent her childhood dreams – to take hold of the anxiety and fear that

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Dave Hunt

Just add water, and you will likely find Dr. Dave Hunt.  Remote?  Sure.  Extreme temperatures?  Absolutely!  From Wyoming to Utah, Alaska to Montana and Idaho, and the Caribbean to his latest adventure in Hawaii, this dedicated veterinarian has found the perfect work/life balance.  Dogs, cats, raptors, dart guns and stallions fill his time in between

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Christine Longo

A successful career in business research and import/export.  An undergrad degree in social work.  An MBA.  With veterinary medicine persistently crossing her path, Christine Longo finally became the veterinarian the universe knew her to be at the young age of 40!  A technologically savvy person who sees stars when clinics are fully computerized, this horseback

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Brianna Harris

Can you play the fiddle? Well, neither can Dr. Brianna Harris, but she will one day!  Living a guilt-free life, Dr. Harris has discovered her calling to alleviate burnout both for herself and for her colleagues as best she can.  This Longmont, Colorado local embraces the general practice relief life, loves mentoring, and knows the

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Arshiya Sayeed-Smith

Naughty dogs do have all the fun!  This Salt Lake City based emergency and surgical aficionado also runs a relief company called Bad Dog Veterinary Relief Services.  While appreciating a streamlined workflow, Dr. Arshiya Sayeed-Smith also loves the exhilaration that last minute calls and emergency surgery bring.  Understanding the importance of a first impression, she

Meet A Relief Vet – Dr. Kate Swindell

Whoever said that a degree in Philosophy and Art History wouldn’t lead to a prolific and fulfilling scientific career?  Whether it’s within general practice, shelter medicine, or emergency, Dr. Kate Swindell is a veterinarian who loves being a chameleon and blending in with a variety of environments. This multi-state licensed Chicago city slicker and Colorado