Meet a Relief Employer: PET Emergency Treatment, Inc.

Our Meet a Relief Collection is adding a new genre to its pages. The time has come to showcase the employers. Relief Rovers, meet PET Emergency Treatment, Inc. So, you’re licensed in Alaska – or intrigued about adding it to your repertoire. Emergency, urgent care, and/or specialty is right up your alley. Then Anchorage is

Meet a relief vet, Dr. Jessica Williams

Relief leads to travel. Travel leads to relief. Initially diving into relief work to get to know a new city, Dr. Jessica Williams loved it so much she stayed! Her GP dog and cat skills are on point. High volume spay/neuter adventures are in her sights. Texas knows her. The Pacific Northwest pulls her. And

Meet a relief tech, Kayla Shertzer!

These are some wild times for vet med! I mean, whose clinic doesn’t need help right now. From GP to ER to specialty (shoutout to internal med!), a relief nurse can be a lifesaver. If she’s not in your area, she may be soon. Already working in Pennsylvania and Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware are

Meet a relief vet, Dr. Jessica Lovegrove

Short-term fling with relief becomes passion. Sounds a bit like an ad, one may say. Many venture into the relief world seeking to find balance of work & life while providing just that to our colleagues. We are stressed, overworked, and no longer enjoying the jobs we once loved so dearly. Well, Dr. Jessica Lovegrove

Meet a relief vet, Dr. Julie Liu!

Cats. The word in and of itself embodies an entire sentence. It is both an explanation of feline behavior and a question…and intimidates many. Despite the vast unknown that is, well, cats, we are drawn in by those lovely little floofs and their absurdly adorable toe-beans. Enter in Dr. Julie Liu, relief vet extraordinaire. Feline