Is this how it happened? Someone thought, “Gee, I’d like to hang out with some cute goats today. But I really should do some yoga. Do I have to choose? Maybe I could…”

Even in our profession, sometimes we feel locked into choices that don’t necessarily exactly suit our desires so we have to compromise. The teamwork and benefits of being a veterinary associate are great, but the lack of flexibility and variety can be a drag. The autonomy and complete control of one’s professional life when you own your own relief practice is fantastic and rewarding, but sometimes even that isn’t exactly the right fit.

What if you could have a job with both flexibility and support? Variety and security? Our partners at IndeVets offer this type of blended solution. As part of the IndeVet’s team, you’ll have opportunities to build your own schedule and enjoy variety while having the support of steady compensation, paid time-off, insurance coverage, continuing education, mentorship, and more. If you’re interested in this unique type of blended career or know other people who would like this option, check out IndeVets’ job post on Relief Rover here.

We understand there are many ways to design a veterinary professional life. Relief Rover’s mission is to support relief professionals and provide resources that allow you to customize a career that works for you. Because people have had the insight and creativity to break down false choices we now have both goat yoga and new ways to work and thrive in this amazing profession.

If you are a relief vet, practice looking to hire a relief vet, or just want to learn more about relief life, sign up for your free Relief Rover membership here!

This post is sponsored by IndeVets.