Confession time. I hate writing medical records. 

There’s this practice where I do a fair amount of relief work and they have the most amazing system in place. They have scribes. That’s right, people whose dedicated job is to record the entire visit. This is incredible for so many reasons.

This practice found a pain-point solution that improves efficiency, increases job satisfaction, and is a win for everyone.

As independent contractor vets, it sometimes feels that we have to do it all. Be the business development specialist, marketer, bookkeeper, tax expert, insurance guru, customer service rep, AND medical professional. But you don’t have to do it all. Outsourcing the parts you don’t like can lead to increased productivity and career satisfaction. 

Are there parts of running your own relief practice that you don’t like? Are there pain points in your business work flow? 

Many relief vets love the complete autonomy of running their own businesses. However, some would prefer to enjoy the flexibility, variety, and control of their schedule without the hassles of securing jobs, paying quarterly taxes, and handling their own business expenses like insurance, continuing education, and professional fees. In other words, they’d like to have a blend of the benefits of being a relief vet and an employee. They’d like someone to handle the parts they don’t enjoy to improve efficiency and increase career satisfaction.

Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not. Our partners at IndeVets offer this type of blended solution. As part of the IndeVet’s team you’ll have opportunities to build your own schedule and enjoy variety while having the support of steady compensation, paid time-off, insurance coverage, continuing education, mentorship, and more. If you’re interested in this unique type of blended career or know of other people who would like this option, check out IndeVets’ job post on Relief Rover here.

We understand there are many ways to design a veterinary professional life. Relief Rover’s mission is to support relief professionals and provide resources that allow you to customize a career that works for you. We can’t write your records for you, but we can connect you to solutions that will help you thrive in this amazing profession.

* This post is sponsored by IndeVets.