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If the Shoe Fits. Running Shoes 101

Veterinary warriors know, better than most, the importance of good footwear.   The long hours standing, crouching, bending, and literally balancing the weight of the world – and sometimes our patients – on our backs, is the perfect recipe for sore feet and an aching body. The same holds true for our running gear. From

From Vet Life to Run Life: Taking Back Your Fitness

By: Dr. Juli Goldstein Anyone in the veterinary field knows that we are master multitaskers. We wear ALL the hats – from caseworker to record writer to family caretaker to virtual teacher, veterinarians change wardrobes faster and more efficiently than many. Yet it somehow never seems like enough. One of the first things we delete

Compassion will Heal the Healers

This morning while walking down the Hudson River, I went to my go-to podcasts (NYT – The Daily and NPR – Up First ) but decided for unimportant reasons to pivot to something else. The randomized order of podcast play on my phone resulted in listening to the Freakonomics Radio podcast from last week titled,

Practicing Veterinarian in the Age of Fear

Practicing with Courage in the Age of Fear

It was a combination of unpleasant smells I’d oddly grown to love. Heavy cream, dead fish, rubber, poop. I’d just finished blending cream, whole frozen fish, and vitamins in industrial sized blenders then loading the shakes into giant syringes. Working at a marine mammal rehabilitation center, my fellow volunteers and I tube fed elephant seal