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Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Jana Van Stee

It takes a certain type of person to dive headfirst both into relief work AND emergency – right after graduation. Quickly developing an affinity for the intensity of critical care, Dr. Jana Van Stee allowed her veterinary career to lead the way.  She was hooked. The momentum kept up, and her adventures now span from

Meet a Relief Tech, Alyssa Mages

So you’re looking for a rock band. Wait, no, a painter? Synchronized swim coach? No? My bad. How about a technician who can not only mentor and encourage your team, but can do so in conversational Spanish, French, and German? Pennsylvania and New Jersey likely already know her. How about you? Meet Alyssa Mages. ~~~~~~~

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Karen Gant

“Try something new.” How many times do we hear that phrase – or provide it as a sound piece of advice to friends or family? With an already fulfilling career of 22 years, Dr. Karen Gant was ready to give it up, but not before first trying a few relief gigs. She was hooked. With an

Meet a Relief…Tech! – Jennifer Kehoe

“Second verse, same as…” Nope. All technicians are different. But we DO all seem to have an affinity for tape. Whether you’re in the market for a relief technician or for assistance with streamlining workflow – or both – Jennifer Kehoe can answer that call. Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, and Illinois (once you check

Meet a Relief…Tech! – Sasha Zitnick

It was a matter of time, really.  One cannot speak of veterinarians without including their counterparts, their partners in crime, their two-legged Swiss Army knives. In the often-tough team sport of vet med, we help keep one another’s equilibrium steadfast. Veterinary technicians, veterinary nurses – while a bit more elusive than veterinarians – also exist

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Julia Campbell

With an eye for efficiency and dedication that runs deep, Dr. Julia Campbell proves that determination knows no bounds. Her adoration and passion for animals began when young and propelled her into a career she loves. An adventurous spirit, she is currently traveling across the country with her husband, so it may be easier to

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Michele Donathan

It began with a bird…and ended up with cats! With an avian adoration igniting her career, Dr. Michele Donathan soon realized her love for all things feline. Being both Fear-Free and Feline Friendly certified, her ability to adapt shines. This fulltime Florida relief veterinarian has sound advice for those just starting out in the relief

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Elisabeth D’Agosto

Covid may have put a damper on Elisabeth D’Agosto’s involvement in local sports leagues (i.e., beer socials), but her relief work lets her shine. Branching into the relief world has taught her volumes about herself while also providing nifty tips and tricks. With a solid comprehension base of French and Spanish in her toolbelt, please

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Frieda Hottenstine

Four-year-olds will say anything…right?! Frieda Hottenstine, however, followed through unwaveringly with her childhood exclamation to be “an animal doctor” when she grew up. With over twenty years of experience, Dr. Hottenstine thoroughly appreciates the delicate balance of loving what you do while loving where you work. Client handouts ready in hand, Florida clinics, please open

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Amanda Clouser

“In this role, I am the teacher and the student, always!” Recognizing the increased need for relief during the pandemic, Dr. Amanda Clouser went about doing just that. From general practice to emergency, she steps in so you can step away. Dr. Clouser can be found hiking, beaching, boating, or riding horseback throughout the Bay Area.