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Meet A Relief Vet – Dr. Kate Swindell

Whoever said that a degree in Philosophy and Art History wouldn’t lead to a prolific and fulfilling scientific career?  Whether it’s within general practice, shelter medicine, or emergency, Dr. Kate Swindell is a veterinarian who loves being a chameleon and blending in with a variety of environments. This multi-state licensed Chicago city slicker and Colorado

Meet A Relief Vet – Dr. Marc Kramer

I’m singing with delight to introduce you to this week’s relief vet, Florida based Dr. Marc Kramer. He’s found a passion for our feathered friends and designed a relief career that allows him to use his talents to help pet owners, practices, and our wildlife thrive. So if you’re looking for a bird guy, Dr.

Meet a Relief Vet – Dr. Vanessa Yeager

Don’t tell Illinois based relief vet Dr. Vanessa Yeager she can’t do something because she’ll prove you wrong! You’re going to love meeting November’s featured relief vet and reading about her diverse background and tips and tricks for success in relief practice. So let’s raise a frosty mug and toast our amazing beer brewing colleague.

Meet A Relief Vet – Dr. Anastasia Lucignani

I’m so happy to introduce this month’s featured relief vet. And when I say happy, I mean happy. Because Dr. Anastasia Lucignani delivers joy to the profession by bringing her smile to every job, finding balance by dancing and surfing and traveling, and choosing happiness in everything she does. Read on to find out more

Meet a Relief Vet: Dr. Xuân Mai Võ

This month’s featured relief vet is Seattle-based Dr. Xuân Mai Võ. She’s a mountain biking, hiking, international traveler whose had an exciting career path so far as a rodeo vet, anatomy professor, emergency responder, and archeologist just to name a few. Let’s dig in to find out more about our amazing colleague Dr. Võ. What

Meet A Relief Professional – Dr. Steven Edwards

For our August Edition of “Meet a A Relief Professional” I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Steven Edwards. When he’s not dancing or scuba diving, this guy is serving general practices in Florida and using his behavior medicine expertise to help all those misunderstood pets. To learn more about Dr. Edwards read on and

Leah Myles, DVM

Meet A Relief Vet – Dr. Leah Myles

Texas relief veterinarian Dr. Leah Myles is early in her career but has already learned how to keep her cup full. She’s found that relief practice is a great way to balance work, family life, hobbies, and exploration of other professional goals. Read on to learn more about Leah and check out her impressive Relief

Meet A Relief Vet – Dr. Jeff Klemens

What a fun night throwing back some cocktails with Dr. Jeff Klemens in Las Vegas at the WVC conference in February. You remember. When we could gather, enjoy each other’s company less than 6 feet apart, and communicate with a full range of facial expressions. Let me tell you, this guy is great company and

Meet A Relief Vet: Lorin Lawrence

We have a stray gray tabby to thank for giving the veterinary profession the gift of Dr. Lorin Lawrence. From multi-doctor practice owner to relief vet, read on to learn about his journey and get some interesting ideas on what to carry with you on relief gigs! *** What inspired you to become a veterinarian?

Meet A Relief Vet: Kelly Zier

“Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul.” But what if you could have both at the same time? Relief Rover member Dr. Kelly Zier has figured out a way as she travels the United States in her RV saving lives, soaking in the magnificent scenery, and creating memories. Kelly is open to practicing in