This quote is attributed to American basketball player and coach John Wooden. Although I’m sure it was used to inspire his players, many of his sayings are also revered as metaphors for life.

When I think about flexibility as a character trait or skill, relief vets definitely come to mind. But flexibility is also an attribute of our career choice that helps us juggle our work with life’s responsibilities and desires.

In fact, this flexibility is what drives many of us into relief practice in the first place. Being able to manage our time allows us to have stability in this career. Because we all know that nobody’s life stays the same and it’s stressful to fit an ever-evolving personal life into a static work schedule.

Since its inception, Relief Rover has been committed to providing support, resources, and access to opportunities for our unique community.

One opportunity we’ve been exploring is with PetVet Care Centers. PetVet is a national network of over 260 general practice and specialty locations. What makes them unique is they are a network of well established community locations. Connected globally but managed locally. In addition to relief positions, they have also been offering unique ER and GP opportunities that they call FLEX positions.

These flex positions allow the veterinarian to be eligible for benefits while working a customized schedule of 10 ER or 12 GP shifts over four weeks. A schedule may comprise six shifts one week, six shifts the following week then two weeks off, or any combination which provides the minimum amount per four weeks. These positions also offer the opportunity for variety and travel. They even have DVMs flying in to certain locations for two weeks, then having two weeks off to explore!

If you’re interested in learning more about these flex positions, check out their job posting HERE.

At Relief Rover, we understand there are many ways to design a veterinary professional life. We’re working to connect you to solutions that will help you have flexibility, stability, and the satisfaction of a slam dunk career.

This blog post is sponsored by PetVet Care Centers.