I’m the type of person who loves new beginnings. It’s not so much starting over, because that sounds like there’s no forward motion. Rather, it’s taking a fresh perspective with the benefit of all the insight previously gained. And although I’ve traversed a few rough patches where I couldn’t wait to press the reset button, this love of change is typically not triggered by desperation for escape. I just love the thrill of a fresh start, of anticipating the potential of what’s to come.

Since childhood, my two favorite times of year are Fall and the New Year. Fall, because even though I’ve been out of the education system for a while, my body still resonates with that delightful feeling of anticipating a new school year, a new grade, and what that would bring. And I one hundred percent buy into the whole idea of reinvention and renewal every time we transition into a new year. Maybe that’s partly because having a December 30th birthday, my new age coincides with the new year.

Veterinary relief work is woven with the threads of renewal and reinvention. The etymology of the word relieve comes from the prefix “re” which means “again” or “anew” and levare meaning “to lift up, lighten”.

As relief vets know, there is so much reward in filling shifts to provide our colleagues time for rejuvenation. Each time we cover a new hospital or challenge ourselves with a new area of medicine, like working for an ER or shelter if we’ve mainly worked general practice, we must engage some level of reinvention and refresh our skills.  And all veterinarians must hone our resilience to successfully navigate the challenges of this profession.

I remember realizing relief practice could be a career choice, rather than just a transient way to earn money. At that moment, I reimagined myself as a business owner. This allowed me to approach the job from a different, more rewarding perspective and elevated my career satisfaction.

Relief practice can revive our love of this career and restore balance to our profession. It is possible to both love your profession and your life. Here at Relief Rover, we hope you reemerge from the holiday season revitalized and we wish you a rewarding and refreshing 2020!




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