Today’s Veterinary Business recently published an article praising relief vets to the moon and back! Big thank you to author Lauren Catenacci, Ph.D. Read “8 Ways to Bond With a Relief Veterinarian” by clicking here. Below is a summary of the article.

Catenacci wrote about how relief vets offer long term solutions to the problems of short staffing, exhaustion and burnout. A recent survey (Galaxy Vets, Relief Rover) showed that 68% clinics use relief vets because they’re short staffed. Another 9% use them during periods of high demand and 23% employers hired relief vets primarily to give their core team members well-deserved breaks.

The article also emphasized the importance of long term relationships with relief vets (sweet!) and described many ways to nurture and retain good relief vets. (Note: According to 58% of surveyed relief vets, a big part of retention is an attractive practice culture.)

Tips on building long term relationships with relief vets:

  • establish expectations by sharing core values, protocols, and communication strategies
  • book your trusted relief vets far in advance and honor your commitments to build trust
  • develop an onboarding process — the article lists many ways to do this
  • integrate relief vets into practice culture and let them know they belong
  • provide relief vets with mental health support to help combat loneliness
  • show interest in who your relief vetes are, not just the work that they do for you
  • consider offering relief vets a custom benefits package
  • talk about the future — relief vets may be searching for the perfect fit
  • ask for feedback — relief vets often have fresh perspectives
  • maintain the relationship — treat them as one of the team

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