Today’s veterinary employment market requires practices to go beyond writing a job post that states the position and their collection of diagnostic equipment. Veterinarians, whether looking for associate positions or relief jobs, have a lot of choice these days. And money talks, but many times culture, teams, and inclusion speak louder. Here’s how to write a job posting that shines a light on what makes your practice unique so candidates can get excited about working with you.

Make Your Job Title Pop

It’s simple and tempting to write a job title that says. “Relief Vet Needed” or “Seeking PT/FT Veterinarian” This is a good start. But try adding 1-3 features that will be interesting to candidates like “great vet:tech ratio” or “we get you home on time” or even “we treat our relief vets like part of the team”

Reconsider Putting Definitive Dates

Although the Relief Rover job posting template allows you to enter specific dates, consider checking the box for flexible dates. This will help prevent relief vets from looking at the posting, seeing their calendars don’t fit, then dismissing the job. This can lead to a missed opportunity to form a relationship with a relief practitioner who may be a great resource in the future. The best strategy in utilizing relief services is to form healthy relationships with many of these business to business service providers.

Write a Thoughtful Job Description that Sells the Position

Describe what the job requires and let relief vets know how much flexibility you have. If you require a relief veterinarian that will see consultations and perform surgery and/or dentistry, be descriptive about that. However, if you are flexible and willing to consider a relief vet who does consultations only, mention that as well. This is a great place to let candidates know about your friendly, skilled technicians who can guide them with workflow, producing estimates, and navigating practice management software.

Feature Your Great Location

If your practice is in a destination location and/or if you need longer term coverage for maternity/paternity leave, vacations, or sabbaticals, consider that relief vets have all sorts of reasons for wanting to travel for work. Some travel for adventure and lifestyle and some may have family or friends in various parts of the country and relief practice can support an extended visit. Feature the cultural or natural treasures of your location and let them know if you can offer access to housing or any coverage of travel expenses.

Let Your Company Shine

When writing a company description, let candidates know what makes your hospital special. How long have you been in business? Are your facilities new? Do your founders have a special story? Do you have a great culture? If so, explain why you have a great culture. Do you have a skilled, experienced, cohesive team? Are they welcoming to relief vets? Describe your efficient workflows, the tools you have in your practice (digital dental radiology, ultrasound, etc.), and/or your employee wellness philosophy. How does your company think about diversity, equity, and inclusion? Each practice has a personality and you should feature all the great parts of yours. Relief Rover even offers the opportunity to upload a video about your practice. It doesn’t have to be slick or fancy. Just pull out your smart phone, hit record, and show them a tour of your practice, introduce them to your friendly staff, and make them feel welcome!

Relief vets can become valued team members and even sometimes convert to associates. And since candidates have a lot of choice today for opportunities, they will actively seek to cultivate business relationships with clinics where they will enjoy working. Posting a job on Relief Rover is a great way to shine bright and attract relief professionals to your practice.

Check out this video link for a demo on how to post a job on Relief Rover.