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Manage job applications

With our new Job Applications feature, reviewing applicants for your job listings has never been easier! You can now track and manage applicants directly from your Relief Rover account in two easy steps:

1. Click on manage jobs from your dashboard

After logging in to your account, click on the manage jobs icon from your dashboard.

2. Click on the number under applications to view applicants

If there is a hyperlinked number under the applications column, that means relief professionals have applied to your job! Clicking on this will take you directly to the Job Applications page for each job listing. If there is a dash without a number, there have been no applications to date for that job. 

Note: any job applications prior to November 18, 2022 (when we released this feature) will not be visible here. Check your email for notifications from [email protected] for applicant details.

Job applications

The Job Applications page is specific to each job listing, which is indicated by the job listing title and link at the top. Below you will see applications organized chronologically, with the most recent appearing first. 

Each application box includes a set of icons in the lower right corner, which we’ll cover below.


From left to right, the icons in the lower right corner give you additional options to manage your applications:

Details: clicking on this notes icon expands the applicant box, so you can see the custom message, licensing and insurance details (if provided by the applicant).

Attachments: if the applicant included an attachment in their application (such as a resume or CV), this paperclip icon will be visible. Clicking on it will download the attachment file.

Message: linked to the new Messages feature, clicking on this will start a new message to the applicant, so you can respond directly to them all in one place. Learn more about messages and how they work.

Private Notes: clicking this journal icon opens the private note area, where you can type notes that only you can see.

Status and Rating: the final pen icon opens another private area, where you can update the status of the application (new, interviewed, hired, etc) and rate the applicant. Type in a number or use the arrows in the right side of the field – decimals are allowed here! Click the save changes button when you’re finished.

Important: clicking on “delete” will remove the application and all details. Deleting a job application is permanent, and cannot be undone.