Our Meet a Relief Collection is adding a new genre to its pages. The time has come to showcase the employers. Relief Rovers, meet PET Emergency Treatment, Inc.

So, you’re licensed in Alaska – or intrigued about adding it to your repertoire. Emergency, urgent care, and/or specialty is right up your alley.

Then Anchorage is your next destination! Read on to learn a little about this uniquely located practice and their three distinctively different hospitals where experience is desired, but kindness is key.


Name your clinic’s niche: large animal, small animal, pocket pets, and/or exotics?
small animal


ER, GP, specialty, and/or shelter? ER and specialty


What state are you located in?  If you’d like, please tell us your practice’s name.
Anchorage, Alaska
PET Emergency Treatment, Inc.

  • PET Emergency Treatment
  • PET Urgent Care
  • Veterinary Specialists of Alaska


Are you an independent or corporate owned practice? If you are part of a corporate group, which one?
Corporate: National Veterinary Associates Compassion-First


Everyone has a story. Tell us a bit about yours. What inspired you to be involved in veterinary medicine, and what is your role in the clinic?
Vanessa Forbes, LVT, Hospital Director for the three PET Emergency Treatment, Inc. locations:
I grew up on a farm and always knew I wanted to work with animals. I went to school for Animal Health Science at Cal Poly Pomona in California. From 1995 to 2011, I worked as a technician and pivoted slightly. I moved into education and worked as an educator/administrator for both college and CTE (Career & Technical Education) in K-12 up until 2021.

A little about Dr. Sarah Lavery, managing DVM:
Dr. Sarah Lavery was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a Michigan State University graduate and joined our team at PET in September 2018. She brings with her over 10 years’ experience in small animal general medicine and surgery. Dr. Lavery has a love for internal medicine and emergency medicine, as well as teaching. Having taught in a vet tech program in her hometown, she loves to watch owners and fellow professionals grow. She also loves to interpret behavioral woes and help our critters live healthy and stress-free lives, especially by adamantly supporting fear-free vet visits!


What are some exciting things about coming to work for you?

  • Not everyone can say they’ve worked in Alaska! We’d love to welcome you.
  • Our Pet Emergency Treatment (PET ER) location is the only 24/7/365 ER clinic in ALL of Alaska! Pretty unique.
  • We’ll also welcome relief at our Pet Urgent Care (PUC).
  • Lastly, our Veterinary Specialists of Alaska (VSOA) has plenty of opportunity for enthusiastic vets who love surgery. Come cut with us!


How do you feel that relief practice supports the veterinary profession as a whole?
Relief support provides reliability for the client. You help keep the doors open and the patients treated — thank you!


What do you look for when choosing a relief professional? This could be as simple as “they’re available” to more in-depth desired qualities and skills or software familiarity.
We look for references that they are kind to their humans and kind to their patients. Experience within specialty and emergency is also an obvious desired skillset.


What can a relief professional expect a day at your clinic to look like?

  • PET ER: 12-hour shifts, both night and day. This location is busy, busy, busy! You will see walk-ins, triages, and surgeries on the regular.
  • PUC: 12-hour shifts but at a slower pace than PET ER. You will see less-complex cases and no surgeries.
  • VSOA: Also at a slower pace, here surgeons will see rooms on an appointment basis. There is a solid staff with low turnover and newer management.


Describe your staff and clinic atmosphere. What do you all do to have fun and unwind?
Our staff varies in culture, race, background, and all come together over their love of animals.  We goof off and joke with each other and are always looking for ways to provide more opportunities to relax.  Full-time staff all get membership to the Alaska Club.


Do you find yourself needing coverage for single shifts or longer rotations?
Both! We are open to all rotation options/shift coverage.


What advice would you give relief professionals?
You’ll love it here if you enjoy fast-paced, well-equipped facilities!


Are you able to offer shifts to those who live out of state but are licensed in yours?
For doctors, absolutely.


Anything else you’d like to share?
Come play in Alaska!!!!


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