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Community features

Community of Relief Veterinarians Online Profile

Personal Profile

You have a personal profile where you can fill out a few personal and professional details so others in the community can get to know you.

Relief Veterinarian Online Community Friends


Build your professional connections and network with others by friending fellow relief veterinarians on Relief Rover.

Online Community and Social Network for Relief Veterinarians Direct Messaging


You have the ability to direct message other relief veterinarians, and even reply directly from email notifications (without logging into the site).

Online Community for Relief Veterinarians Alerts


You’ll receive notifications when certain events happen on the site – like someone wants to be your friend. You’ll also have the ability to turn these notifications on and off.

Online community of relief veterinarians activity stream

Activity Wall

Just like facebook, you have an activity wall that will show you what’s going on around the site and with your friends.

Online Community and Social Network for Relief Veterinarians Forums


Our private relief vet forums are available exclusively to members, and are your place to ask questions and get answers from our community of relief veterinarians.

Community for Relief Veterinarians Online Groups


Groups on Relief Rover work similar to facebook groups, allowing members to organize and collaborate around specific topics.

Online community of relief veterinarians job searches

Job Searches

Search for jobs, set job alerts, and manage your job bookmarks all from your personal profile page. It’s easy to find the kind of work you’re looking for on Relief Rover.

Community FAQ

1. Do I have to pay anything for this?

Nope. The Relief Rover community is completely free for vets and techs who are members of Relief Rover.

2. Can employers see community activity?

No. Employers on Relief Rover don’t have access to any of the community areas of the website, including your profile, groups, and forums.

3. Will I ever get contacted by employers or recruiters without my consent?

Not at all. As mentioned above, employers can’t see any activity within our community. If you want to be contacted by employers directly about opportunities, you can add your resume for employers to find.

4. Can I ask questions IF I’ve never done relief work, but I’m thinking about it?

Yes! Relief Rover is a great way to dip a toe in the water and see if relief work is right for you. Our vets and techs are often great at answering questions you may have.

5. How do I access the community?

Just click the button below and you’ll be taken to our community groups page. You’ll see professionals grouped by location and also by different interests. Hop into any group and strike up a conversation!

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