Publish or hide your resume

Your Relief Rover membership comes with a lot of features and perks, including the ability to navigate job postings ‘incognito’ from employer members. (Note: relief vets and techs can always view other members in the Community, which is not accessible for employer members). 

To be visible to employers who search for a relief professional, you will need to:

  • Complete and publish your Resume 
  • Have your Resume status be published (instead of hidden).

We’ll walk you through both steps below, and how to check your visibility status.


Publishing your Resume

To publish your Resume for the first time, log into Relief Rover and click on the resume icon from your dashboard. 

From your profile page, click on the add resume button. 


This will take you to the Resume form, which you need to complete. Your Resume can be saved and completed in the future, but you need to fill out the required fields (marked with an asterisk *) in order to save.

Once you have completed this form, click the preview button to see how your Resume is displayed to employers.

You can make further edits by clicking edit resume, or click the submit resume button to publish. You’ll know that your Resume has been published once you see a confirmation message on the next screen.

Hiding your Resume

You can always check or change visibility of your Resume from your profile settings. Once logged in, hover over the My Account label in the navigation bar and click on my profile. You will then be taken to your profile settings page.

From here, click on the my resume icon to see your Resume settings and the visibility status.


The label under your Resume will indicate whether it’s visible (Published) or invisible (Hidden). Clicking on this label will change the status of your Resume.

Published Resumes will look like this:

Hidden Resumes will be clearly marked (Hidden), with a “publish” label underneath.

Editing your Resume

To make changes or updates to your Resume, follow the same steps as the Hiding Your Resume section above to locate your Resume settings page. Once you see the page below, click the “edit” link under your name. 

After you’re finished editing, click the save changes button at the bottom of your Resume. You will see a confirmation message on the next screen confirming that your changes have been saved.