Meet a relief vet, Dr. Jessica Lovegrove

Short-term fling with relief becomes passion. Sounds a bit like an ad, one may say. Many venture into the relief world seeking to find balance of work & life while providing just that to our colleagues. We are stressed, overworked, and no longer enjoying the jobs we once loved so dearly. Well, Dr. Jessica Lovegrove

Meet a relief vet, Dr. Julie Liu!

Cats. The word in and of itself embodies an entire sentence. It is both an explanation of feline behavior and a question…and intimidates many. Despite the vast unknown that is, well, cats, we are drawn in by those lovely little floofs and their absurdly adorable toe-beans. Enter in Dr. Julie Liu, relief vet extraordinaire. Feline

Boundaries: It’s not a bad word

A 2015 study found that 1 in 11 veterinarians have psychological stress, while a 2019 study found that mortality ratios for suicide in veterinarians are significantly higher than the general population (1,2). Potential reasons for these variances are cited and include debt, compassion fatigue, and burnout.   As a result, certain necessary buzzwords and phrases have developed,


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