Carpe Per Diem What’s Behind a Relief Veterinarian’s Fees

“Carpe per diem – seize the check.” – Robin Williams Check out this blog post I wrote for VetPartners and learn more about what gets factored into a relief veterinarian’s fee structure. Ideas, comments, and questions are always welcome! What goes into your fees as a relief veterinarian? We’d love to hear from you!

Don’t Get Spooked!

How to Handle Scary Relief Gigs. Not all relief jobs are smooth sailing, and part of being a relief vet is dealing with uncomfortable situations in unfamiliar environments with strangers. It comes with the territory. In the spirit of Halloween, I present some scary relief vet scenarios. The Scary Practice It happens. You agree to work

Meet A Relief Vet: Kelly Zier

“Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul.” But what if you could have both at the same time? Relief Rover member Dr. Kelly Zier has figured out a way as she travels the United States in her RV saving lives, soaking in the magnificent scenery, and creating memories. Kelly is open to practicing in

Relief Veterinarian Job Lake Placid NY

The Vacation Gig

Check out this interesting vacation gig in Lake Placid, NY on Relief Rover’s job board. The message popped up on my LinkedIn notifications. Would I be interested in coming to Lake Tahoe, California to cover maternity leave at a single doctor practice? Although I was living in Florida, as a UC Davis graduate I was


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