Relief Veterinarian

Meet a Relief Vet: Margaret Little

Can’t decide if you’d rather be in Florida or California? Neither can Dr. Margaret Little, a.k.a. Maggie. Relief Rover is excited to introduce this cross country flying, GDV fixing, daytime sleeping ER veterinarian in the first of our series “Meet A Relief Vet.” Read on to learn about Maggie’s thoughts about relief practice. Q: What

Relief Veterinarians Role in the Human Animal Bond

The Relief Vet’s Role in the Human Animal Bond

The notification vibrates my phone. “We met at a conference and I’m writing to inquire about relief coverage. I haven’t had a vacation in over 3 years.” Although this is text communication, I can feel the emotion behind the request. Because I’ve been there. Giving so much of myself to support my clients and patients.

A Gig For Every Chronotype

A Gig for Every Chronotype

I just finished reading a New York Times article on chronotypes. In other words, your natural biological clock. Your innate sleep / wake cycle. Studies have shown that this hard wired mechanism dictates when you are most alert, active, and creative and when your body insists that you must wind down, sleep, and recharge your

Practicing Veterinarian in the Age of Fear

Practicing with Courage in the Age of Fear

It was a combination of unpleasant smells I’d oddly grown to love. Heavy cream, dead fish, rubber, poop. I’d just finished blending cream, whole frozen fish, and vitamins in industrial sized blenders then loading the shakes into giant syringes. Working at a marine mammal rehabilitation center, my fellow volunteers and I tube fed elephant seal


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