Meet a relief tech, Kayla Shertzer!

These are some wild times for vet med! I mean, whose clinic doesn’t need help right now. From GP to ER to specialty (shoutout to internal med!), a relief nurse can be a lifesaver. If she’s not in your area, she may be soon. Already working in Pennsylvania and Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware are

This 15 minute challenge will inspire burned out vets

Relief vets are a unique group. Our entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic, emotional investments, and dedicated natures can contribute to both our successes and our struggles with work-life balance. Being a relief veterinarian gives me the strength to navigate burnout and compassion fatigue. It helps me rediscover the joy of veterinary medicine. So, from one pioneer

Meet a relief vet, Dr. Jessica Lovegrove

Short-term fling with relief becomes passion. Sounds a bit like an ad, one may say. Many venture into the relief world seeking to find balance of work & life while providing just that to our colleagues. We are stressed, overworked, and no longer enjoying the jobs we once loved so dearly. Well, Dr. Jessica Lovegrove


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