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What if staffing wasn’t a constant stress?

We know your struggle.

A zillion things to do, and staffing is always a headache. Hire someone, lose someone. Fill a shift, find out four more need to be filled. Every time you make progress, something else happens to the precious schedule you created so carefully. You’re not alone.

Across the veterinary field, 66% of full time job posts get 0 responses. That is STAGGERING.

This secret is the key to veterinary staffing

The new reality: want full time vets? you need relief vets!

Why? Many vets…

…are using relief work to secretly look for full time jobs. Vets don’t want to sign on after one interview anymore. They’ve been burned enough times that they want to “test drive” a practice multiple times. Some vets don’t even realize there are great-fit practices out there until they accidentally find one through relief work.

Stop banging your head against the wall using staffing techniques that are doomed to fail!


We host a popular jobs platform trusted by thousands of vets and techs across the U.S. More than 77% of our vets and techs are open to full or part time jobs.


Relief Rover’s employer membership was created for you if:

You’Re going crazy seeing no results

Despite job posts, social media outreach, and ridiculous signing bonuses… nada

You think you don’t need relief vets

You’ll take relief vets if necessary; you need short term or full time employees

You’re getting more and more discouraged

No matter what you do, staffing is a huge challenge. It’s causing constant turmoil

You’re open minded

You can see that old staffing methods aren’t working anymore. You are raring to try something new

“We upgraded to a full enterprise subscription bringing on all of our practices.”

“After working with Relief Rover on a pilot with a portion of our hospitals, we upgraded to a full enterprise subscription bringing on all of our practices. The ROI is definitely there. Renewal was a no-brainer.”

—  Chris Wilkins
Director of Talent Acquisition, NVA Compassion-First


“Where are all the veterinarians??”

we have 4,089+ vets. 100 more join monthly.

"How do you attract so many vets?!"

We’ve developed our platform while professing our love for our fellow vets and techs! We shower them with resources, tools, discounts, and more. We care for them deeply and show it. That’s why thousands of them flock to Relief Rover.

"How can Relief Rover help my practice?"

Our platform is here to help you build relief relationships while showing them how amazing your practice is. You have the power to nurture these relationships — they have the potential to result in part time or full time employees.

Get access to the Relief Rover platform that hundreds of clinics have used to staff their practices. Build lasting relationships with vets and techs; offer positions to those who become your favorites. That way is better for you, too — you will only offer employment to your favorite vets and techs. It’s a recipe that’s more likely to lead to long-term satisfaction for everyone.

"Why is it so hard to hire vets right now?"

It’s sad but true: Some vets and techs are so burned from past experiences that they’ve completely lost faith. Some of them don’t even believe that happy, healthy practices exist. If they could just experience a positive work environment, they would believe again.

"How is Relief Rover different?"

Our highly regarded employer membership includes the two familiar parts of veterinary staffing:

(1) a job board where you can post ads and
(2) a pool of vets and techs (you can search them on our site).

But we’re different because we’ve created a low cost, all-inclusive subscription for you. No wheeling or dealing… No muss, no fuss. Just everything you need in one place, including access to the thousands of members we care for deeply.

Bottom line:

Vets trust us because they know we love them.
We have their best interests at heart.


Hey there! Come join the Relief Rover family :)

Dr. Cindy Trice: founder, CEO, and trusted relief expert

Why are we uniquely trustworthy?

Unlike other platforms, Relief Rover is run by experienced + trusted relief experts

Hi, I’m Dr. Cindy Trice! During my 15+ years as a relief vet, I’ve recognized “the great divide” between staff and employers. I’ve spent 10+ years working with industry pros to understand what causes practices to scramble for employees.

Due to industry shifts, old ways of staffing are obsolete. Vets and techs are struggling to rediscover their initial passion. That’s why I started Relief Rover. Our relief-centered solutions are already helping hundreds of practices eliminate crushing problems with short term staffing, long term staffing, and mental health.

We want to prep your practice for success in an unprecedented era. Our team, technology, and vision just get stronger with time. This is the perfect moment to join the Relief Rover family!


“I am blessed and grateful to Relief Rover for connecting me with an excellent relief veterinarian.”

“The veterinarian has excellent veterinary skills and knowledge managing the cases implementing excellent veterinary medicine.  The veterinarian is personable communicating effectively and professionally with our staff and our clients.  Furthermore, she responds to all communications in a timely manner and willing to assist with last minute requests to accommodate our scheduling needs.  When she is the doctor on duty, I always feel that the patients, clients, and hospital team are in good hands with her at the helm. She is wonderful and we are grateful to have her on our relief team.”

—  Sophia Papageorgiou, DVM, MPVM, PhDe
Medical Director, North Peninsula Veterinary Emergency Clinic


GET YOUR all-access pass to 4 features YOU CAN’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE

Relief Rover Feature 1

Unlimited job posts on our sanity-saving job board

$$$$ per post? We would never. Learn more

Typical job boards charge hundreds of dollars per post. That all ends the moment you sign up for Relief Rover.

As a Relief Rover member, you can post as many jobs as you want for each practice location that you pay for.

With our membership:

  • gain exclusive access to our Relief Rover job board
  • post jobs that are promoted to veterinarians across the country
  • access all of your job applications in one place on our website

Posting a job is a breeze with our streamlined job post form. We’ve done all the hard work for you! All you have to do is customize it. We have easy-to-use drop down menus for vital criteria like type of practice, species, special skills, shift type, and scope of practice. You’ll have many other optional fields to customize to make your job post stand out from everyone else’s.

And take advantage of our exciting new development: an applications center that stores the applications for all of your job posts. No need to sort through emails and attachments anymore!


Relief Rover Feature 2

Unlimited access to contact thousands of vet and tech members

Search and contact at your convenience. Learn more

You’ll be able to:

  • search our visible vets and techs in just a few clicks
  • view hundreds to thousands of available veterinarians in the United States and beyond
  • when candidates pique your interest, strike up a conversation using our exclusive messages system

Enjoy the privilege of contacting Relief Rover vets and techs at your convenience! Set up interviews, meet and greets, video calls – whatever makes you and the professional comfortable – before ever committing to hiring them. Communicate directly with Relief Rover members outside of the Relief Rover platform via any method acceptable to both parties.

Treat our members as treasured members of your own team. Build long term with relationships with relief veterinarians and technicians that fit in at your practice. The happier they are, the more likely they are to convert to full time employees.


Relief Rover Feature 3

Unlimited perks (like an all-inclusive resort… without the price tag)

NEVER pay extra. What do we mean? Learn more

No additional fees for posting more jobs, booking more shifts, or hiring part time or full time employees. Post, book, and hire as much as your heart desires.

Every relationship you build is TOTALLY YOURS. You and the vet own it. You and the vet make the rules. We never act as a middle man (or middle woman).

The only rule? You can’t pay for one room at an all-inclusive resort and then pack it full of guests… Each guest pays for those unlimited privileges.

With Relief Rover, all you pay is one low fee for each practice you want to staff.


Relief Rover Feature 4

Bright, shiny profile to promote your practice

Use it to intrigue vets + techs! Learn more

Don’t miss this opportunity to capture the precious attention of vets and techs in your area and across the country!

Our vets and techs may click on your profile if they are interested in one of your job posts. They can also find your profile in our practice directory.

  • describe exactly what makes your practice attractive to applicants
  • upload photos and video highlighting your team, equipment, environment, location, or whatever other aspects you choose
  • explain what qualities you’re looking for in vets and techs
  • explain your mission, philosophy, culture, overall goals, and more



Sign up now and get these 4 bonuses that make staffing oh-so-much easier

What Your Competitors Wished They Knew About Veterinary Relief

How to nurture reliefers and boost your business

Smart Start Onboarding Guide

Our exciting startup tips on using your unlimited job posts, writing irresistible job posts, prepping relief vets, and more

Secrets of Smart Relief

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Relief Rover NOT for?

those expecting immediate success

We created our jobs platform to help vets and techs connect with employers like you. Just like a dating app, sometimes matches happen quickly. Other times, building relationships takes time. We can’t guarantee immediate success.

Be sure your job posts highlight the special qualities of your practice. Each time you post, give it some time. We promise to keep expanding our network to increase everyone’s chances of a successful connection.

those only interested in old methods of staffing

We want you to be successful, so our philosophy is based on the new reality. Many vets are no longer interested in the old process of apply > interview > accept full time job. Instead, many vets are using relief work to try different practices before eventually accepting positions.

Here’s how to successfully increase hires and decrease turnover: form relationships with relief vets early and often, treat relief vets as part of your team, and maintain an enthusiastic practice culture. If this doesn’t sound feasible for you, Relief Rover is not for you.

those who want to negotiate our pricing

Our pricing structure is the absolute lowest in the profession. We designed it that way because our overall goal is to increase quality of life, not to make boatloads of money. Thank you for understanding that we cannot offer further discounts on our ridiculously low pricing.

Is the price a monthly fee or an annual fee?

We offer both. Our best value is the annual membership. For both monthly (basic level) and annual (elite level) memberships, there is a fee for each practice location that needs Relief Rover.

If you have more than 9 practices, we offer special pricing (email [email protected]).

Can I pay for one practice location, but find staff for multiple practices?

No. Our pricing is just too low for that! If we allowed that, our business would become unsustainable and our platform would cease to exist.

If you want to staff multiple practices, each practice will be charged its own subscription fee. Each practice location will enjoy unlimited Relief Rover privileges — unlimited job posts, unlimited candidate outreach, unlimited shifts, and unlimited hires. Never any additional fees.

If you have more than 9 practices, we offer special pricing (email [email protected]).

After I sign up, will you try to upsell me later?

Absolutely not. We always feel gross when others try to upsell us, so we didn’t want to do that to you.

The only thing to remember is that we charge a subscription fee for each of your practice locations that needs Relief Rover. Each of those locations enjoys unlimited privileges.

Your Relief Rover membership includes absolutely everything you need. You’ll never be charged a dime more than your subscription fee.

To be clear:

  • No fees when you contact one of our members.
  • No fees for job posts.
  • No fees when you book a shift.
  • No buyout fees when you want to hire a member part time or full time.
  • You can go through any of those actions as MANY times as you want and you will NEVER get charged an additional fee.

Do you offer individual job posts or candidate searches separately for a discount?

Not at this time. Most of the time, practices have trouble finding and hiring staff because they are using old methods of staffing like single job posts targeting full time positions and specific dates.

We would be doing you a disservice to sell you job posts and candidate searches a la carte. That’s why we started a ridiculously low-priced subscription model that includes unlimited perks. That means unlimited job posts, unlimited candidate searches, unlimited shifts, and unlimited hires.

Can I make posts for full time positions?

SHORT ANSWER: Absolutely!

LONG ANSWER: We recommend posting for relief positions to start off your relationships. After you’ve worked with a vet or tech you like for awhile, ask what kind of job offer would entice them. This is the new, more productive method of veterinary staffing.

Remember, many vets and techs are traumatized by previous work experiences. They may be using relief work to secretly test drive practices before considering employment. Some vets and techs have lost faith that happy, healthy practices are out there at all. They need to experience a positive work environment to believe it.

So build relief relationships while proving how amazing your practice is. That way is better for you, too — you will only offer employment to your favorite vets and techs. It’s a recipe that’s more likely to lead to great fits and long term satisfaction for everyone.

What should I do if I don't find any vets or techs in my area?

Don’t worry! Every month, roughly 100 vets (or more) join Relief Rover. We gain about 20 techs a month.

Also, some vets and techs choose to hide their profiles from time to time. Their schedules may be temporarily full, or they may have decided to keep their relief work private from their current employers. That’s why it’s important to keep using your unlimited job posts so they can find you in job search. (See also the FAQ below: “What does it mean to be visible on your site? Are all your members visible?”)

Imagine you were fishing for potential matches on a dating app. What tactic would be more successful: Giving up after a day or a month? Or patiently continuing to put yourself out there and sorting through any promising matches that come your way?

If you don’t find matches right away, be patient. We’re constantly working to expand our network to increase everyone’s chances of success. : )

What does it mean to be "visible" on your site? Are all your members visible?

For employers: After you post your first job, you’ll automatically be visible in our practice directory as long as you’re a member.

To be found in our job search, all you have to do is post a job.

For vets and techs: They can show or hide their profiles at any time. They may hide their profiles if they don’t want to be found by their current employers, or if their current schedules are fully booked. That’s why we recommend posting for relief positions frequently so that vets and techs can find you on our job board.

Do you screen your vet and tech members?

We don’t screen the vets and techs on our site, nor do we screen the employers. It’s an equal opportunity platform.

Instead of “one size fits all”, we operate with a “there is someone for everyone” mindset – both when it comes to vets and techs and when it comes to veterinary employers.

We’re proud to have veterinarians that practice on every species, from small animal to large animal to exotics and more. We have vets that cover every scope of practice, from general practice to emergency medicine to specialty medicine. Our relief veterinarians have varying levels of experience and skills.

We hope you enjoy finding the vets and techs that “click” with your practice!

What if I struggle with technology?

Our platform is extremely easy to learn. It’s just a few clicks to log in, post a job, or search for vets and techs. If you can send an email, you can learn our platform.



Sign up with code VHMA
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Complete your profile
In a few quick clicks, create a company profile that will make professionals jump for joy when they’re hired.


Search or be searched
You can search our relief professionals or post a job. When you post a job listing, vets and techs will be alerted. They can also find you in search.


Hire relief pros
After you’ve made contact with a professional, determine pay rates and schedules. No middle man. Easy peasy.


Learn as you go
One of our goals is to improve workflow in veterinary practices. We’ll be sharing tips so your practice can continue to flourish.

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