Many relief vets set the charge for their services by finding out what the going rate is in their area. This is certainly a quick and easy way to decide on your fees and to make sure that you aren’t over or under charging. However, this information may be difficult to find if you don’t know other relief vets to ask.

A more formulaic approach is to make a budget. This provides greater accuracy to make sure that you are covering your expenses and reaching your financial goals.

Next, you decide how many days out of the year that you want, or need to work. In other words, do you want to build in 2 or 4 weeks of vacation into your life? Do you only want to work 3 or 4 days a week? What do you need or want your income to be based on the above information? Are you a single or duel income household?

Don’t forget to consider if you have any special skills that you plan to offer, like expertise in ultrasound, surgery, or dentistry – these skills carry a premium and are not offered by all relief vets.

Relief Rover has created a handy calculator to help you determine the daily rate you need to support your budget and lifestyle goals. You can adjust and recalculate the numbers as many times as you’d like then receive an emailed summary of your budget.

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