I’ve worked in finance and tech for over a decade. I have roots in both science and business — I have a degree in biology from University of British Columbia and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from York University. I also founded Doggo.Health, which helps dog owners make informed decisions about veterinary care. I’ve parented dogs,


Always the mother hen of a group! I started my career as a veterinary nurse in the U.K. before moving into veterinary software and relocating to Canada. I have extensive experience in business operations, process improvement, finance, leadership, customer service, and marketing. I absolutely love being outdoors, especially by the ocean (often found kayaking). I’m


Relief work has changed my life. I truly believe it can transform lives and make dreams possible within the veterinary profession. Behind the scenes, I’m at my happiest when I’m creating connections between my inspiring colleagues and friends. I’ve been to 34 countries and plan to visit many more. I’m also a cancer survivor and


I’ve been a business strategist for decades, and it pains me when economics determine outcomes for companion animals. I’m here because I believe Relief Rover can improve the quality of care, affordability and availability of veterinary medicine. I’ve worked for many global corporations including Mars Incorporated, and I specialize in developing leaders and building high-performing teams. Fun fact: I


I fell in love with words while growing up in a bookstore. I’ve been a vet tech for over 20 years and I have a bachelor’s in Environmental Studies from Rollins College. I’ve worked with The Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, which intensified my love for cats and passport stamps. I was born in Germany,


I’m a vet, artist, photographer, and web designer. I recently founded The Hummingbrave, a design and branding company focused on empowering small businesses. I’m obsessed with photographing hummingbirds; my work has been featured in Audubon Magazine and on The Smithsonian’s website. I create epic animal portraits on the world’s eco-friendliest paper. I’m addicted to world


I learned a lot about emotional eating when I worked as an ICU and ER vet tech. Now I’ve switched gears―I’m a trained emotional eating coach and NASM certified personal trainer. I offer tons of courses and training packages through my business, The Meaghan Method. Adventure is my middle name and I truly enjoy traveling,