** COVID-19 Resources **

A list of websites with reliable information, webinars, and blog posts to help us keep up with the rapidly changing recommendations and advice.



Clinician’s Brief

Worms & Germs Blog by Dr. Scott Weese

AAVSB – This is a great consolidated resource on the various state board responses to COVID-19.

Unemployment Benefits for Independent Contractors

Unemployment: Maximum Weekly Payments by State

Small Business Administration COVID-19 Resources

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide and Checklist

VIN COVID-19 Financial Planning Resource Page

Forbes Article on Financial Help for Independent Contractors

Medium Article on PPP and Freelancers


Financial Relief for Relief Veterinarians

When: Tuesday, April 21st at 2:00 PM EST

  • Check out the recording on our Facebook page


Description: Join Cindy Trice, DVM Founder and CEO of Relief Rover and Jamie E. O’Kane, CPA CTC Owner of JE O’Kane CPA, LLC and Host of The Abundant Beans Podcast for a presentation for Relief Veterinarians on the pertinent legislation from the FFRCA and CARES Act.

1 Life Connected

Connecting Careers with Life’s Passion by creating the space that allows us to each find our unique path to that authentic sustainable career in vet med.

Visit 1 Life Connected

Care for the Healer

Care for the Healer. Compassionate care for the emotional health of the veterinary community. Their mission is to provide free emotional health resources to the veterinary community. They are raising money to support a free-to-use therapy hotline for veterinary medical professionals.

Visit Care for the Healer

DVM STAT Consulting

Relief Rover has teamed up with DVM STAT Consulting to give you 24/7/365 access to board-certified specialists. These specialists will give you focused, comprehensive guidance when navigating challenging cases in emergency/critical care, neurology, cardiology, internal medicine, anesthesia, and radiology. Not only is this a great way to provide high-level care to your patients but it’s also an excellent resource to grow your knowledge base. As a Relief Rover member, you qualify for a free DVM STAT account that you can use at any practice. To sign-up fill out this form.

To learn more about the details of the program click on this link. RR DVMSTAT Presentation

Check out this interview with DVM STAT Consulting founder Dr. Kristin Welch.



Gender Identity Bill of Rights

Relief Rover is a proud supporter of PrideVMC and a signatory to the Gender Identity Bill of Rights. We believe in championing a diverse and equitable profession and in treating every human being with dignity and respect. For more information and an opportunity sign the Bill of Rights click on the link.

Gender Identity Bill of Rights

Joyful DVM

Joyful DVM offers courses, community, coaching and consulting designed to assist and support veterinary professionals in creating a life and career they love!

Visit Joyful DVM

Lucca Veterinary Data Security

Lucca Veterinary Data Security is a powerful yet low-cost platform that shields veterinary clinics and their clients from cyber crime and its devastating effects.

Learn more about cyber crime and veterinary practices in this presentation by Lucca founder Clint Latham.

Visit Lucca Veterinary Data Security

Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs

We are happy to announce a discounted subscription to Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs for Relief Rover members. A subscription to Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs includes access to crucial information about drug interactions, adverse effects, dosages, printable information sheets for clients and much more. With its continual updates, and robust search capabilities, Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs places the most up-to-date drug information right at your fingertips.

Click on the link below to see how to claim your 15% discount on initial subscriptions or renewals.

Relief Rover Plumb’s Instructions

*Please note: You must apply discount code when you subscribe. If you are already a Plumb’s subscriber you can apply discount code to your account to receive discount at renewal.

View our User Guides for more details.

Not seeing how to get the discount? That means either you’re not a member or you’re not logged in. To become a member, click here. To log in, click here.

Relief  Vet 101

Are you interested in becoming a relief veterinarian? Have you been working as a relief veterinarian and are looking for some helpful tips and advice? If so, you should definitely check out Relief Vet 101!

Relief Vet 101 was created by veteran relief veterinarian Cindy Trice. If you’re looking for valuable advice from a seasoned veteran, this is the guide for you!

Take me to Relief Vet 101.

Relief Veterinarian Wage Calculator

As relief veterinarians ourselves, we know that it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly what to charge for our services. There are many variables that go into the decision including personal expenses, business expenses, savings goals and the total number of days we want to spend working throughout the year.

In service to the relief vet community, we have created a simple calculator for relief vets to figure out how much to charge for their services. We’ll walk you through each aspect you need to consider, and calculate a number based on your answers. It’s easy and fun to use.

Go to the relief veterinarian wage calculator.

Richer Life DVM

Richer Life DVM is a blog that aims to start the “money talk” in veterinary medicine. The list of financial obligations can be overwhelming: paying off student debt, budgeting, saving for retirement, dealing with childcare costs if you have children, making sure you are properly insured, etc. Improving your financial wellbeing should be a priority in order to ensure a long and happy career. Use the blog as resource and get inspired to take charge of your financial life!

Visit Richer Life DVM

United States Veterinary Licensing Requirements Directory

Need to know how to get licensed in a new state for relief work? No problem! We have put together this handy directory of the most important veterinary licensing information state by state. You’ll be able to see what you need to do at a glance, and you’ll be provided with links to help get you started.

Visit the veterinary licensing requirements directory.

Veterinary License Lookup

We encourage all veterinary practices to lookup and verify the license numbers of all job candidates to make sure their license information is up to date. Here’s a link to a handy resource with links to the license board for each state:

Lookup vet licenses now.


As independent contractors we must budget continuing education costs into our business plan. No employer supported CE funds for us! An excellent cost and time efficient way to keep current on relevant medical topics and CE requirements is with a VETgirl membership.

As a Relief Rover relief vet member you are qualified to receive a 20% discount off VETgirl Memberships. If you are not familiar with VETgirl, VETgirl is a subscription-based podcast and webinar service offering RACE-approved, online veterinary continuing education (CE) for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. VETgirl is designed for the busy veterinary professional who has time-poverty and is constantly “on-the-run.” With VETgirl, you can learn from board-certified veterinary specialists who are passionate about teaching clinically relevant, practical veterinary medicine with style, passion, and efficiency through your smartphone, tablet, or desktop! If you would like a discounted VETgirl membership, please fill out the survey below. Any questions, let us know!

If you aren’t seeing the link to sign up, then you aren’t signed into your account, aren’t a relief vet member, or aren’t a Relief Rover member yet. Not a member yet? Sign up here for Relief Rover relief vet membership.

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Extensive experience combined with certification as a Professional Coach enable Kimberley Khodakhah, VMD to uniquely champion veterinary wellbeing and career sustainability. Whether you are a recent graduate, practicing veterinarian or hospital owner, you experience a unique set of career challenges. Most challenges are opportunities to learn, however, when these challenges feel beyond your control (and they will), Dr Khodakhah can help with her mentorship coaching programs designed to create your professional progress. An avid believer in mentorship, Dr Khodakhah provides a safe coaching partnership with;

  • recent veterinary graduates to hasten their learning of practical veterinary skills.
  • overwhelmed veterinarians to assess goals and strategies to create new opportunities.
  • practice management to transition new associate hires as competent, confident doctors.

Visit Vetopia

FlexVet Book

FlexVet was written to be the all in one resource for relief veterinarians and veterinary practices. Co-authored by Relief Rover founder, Cindy Trice, FlexVet is an essential resource for anyone who is searching for a way to better control their lives and schedules. This 2019 Revised Edition includes updates about taxes, technology, and more. Practice owners and practice managers can assess their needs and then find the appropriate person to fill those needs. Veterinarians who desire more flexibility or choice can determine whether relief or part-time work is best for their situation.