Mental health resources for vets + techs

You are not alone. No matter what your struggle is, find help here.

Organizations, websites, audio and video to help:


An organization comitted to ending the suicide epidemic in the veterinary profession.

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VetGirl suicide AWARENESS

VetGirl’s 2014 webinar ‘Suicide awareness in veterinary medicine: Should we be alarmed?’ aims to empower vets to save our colleagues…and ourselves.

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Compassion-First Pet Hospitals now offers a podcast series promoting awareness and education about common mental health challenges in the veterinary industry.

Dr. Elizabeth Lund facilitates this podcast, which covers topics including suicide awareness and prevention, compassion fatigue, grief, and bereavement. The podcast informs listeners and also offers solutions for struggling veterinarians.

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Merck Animal Health and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association are leading the way to start open and honest conversations about mental health in the veterinary community, help breakdown stigma, and create a community where members look out for and help one another.

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Because of the importance of mental wellbeing in the veterinary profession, the AVMA family is providing detailed suicide prevention training to a limited number of veterinarians and veterinary students. You will learn to recognize the signs that someone may be considering suicide, establish a dialogue, and guide the person to seek professional help.

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NIH suicide prevention

The National Institute of Health has a comprehensive suicide prevention page that explains how to identify a crisis and helps you determine next steps. It includes an extensive list of helpful videos, free ebooks, brochures, and hotlines.

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