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Send and receive messages

We’re excited to introduce the new Messages feature based on our member feedback: employers and relief professionals can now message each other directly in the Relief Rover platform, so you never have to search through your emails to find an old conversation! 

Here are some ways you can use Messages on Relief Rover:

  1. Track and respond to applicants for your jobs
  2. Message relief professionals directly from their profile
  3. Organize your messages by using stars

1. Track and respond to applicants for your jobs

Along with the new Messages feature, you’ll also notice new changes to the Manage Jobs area within your Relief Rover account: you can now view, manage and message applicants for your job listings all in one place!

To do this, first go to your dashboard and click on the manage jobs icon. If there is a hyperlinked number under the applications column, that means relief professionals have applied to your job! Clicking on this will take you directly to the Job Applications page for each job listing. If there is a dash without a number, there have been no applications to date for that job.

Note: any job applications prior to November 18, 2022 (when we released this feature) will not be visible here. Check your email for notifications from [email protected] for applicant details.

The Job Applications page is specific to each job listing, which is indicated by the job listing title and link at the top. Below you will see applications organized chronologically, with the most recent appearing first.

From here, you can send a message to any applicant by clicking on the Message link.


From the compose message screen, the candidate will already be preselected, and the message subject automatically populated with your practice or company name. Type your message below – you can include basic formatting and hyperlinks using the text editor buttons.

Click the send message button when you’re done, and you’ll be taken to the conversation thread, organized by subject. When the relief professional responds to your message, the message will appear in your Messages inbox and you will also receive an email notification. 

2. Message relief professionals directly from their profile

When you search for relief professionals and browse their profiles, clicking the contact button will send a message through the new Messages feature, instead of emailing the relief professional.

This means that you no longer have to search through old emails to find the message contents, and you’ll only need to check one place for all incoming and sent messages! Simply click on the manage messages icon from your dashboard to check your sent messages to relief professionals. 

Replies to your messages will appear here, organized by the conversation title. Message threads are arranged by chronological order, with the newest appearing first. You can change the display order to show oldest messages first by selecting the Order dropdown:

Clicking on the message title opens the conversation, which displays all sent and received messages within the conversation. To respond, scroll down to the bottom section titled Respond and type your message. You can also include attachments here. Click the send reply button when you’re done.

3. Organize your messages using stars

Some people prefer to delete old messages over time, while others prefer to keep some as reference. To keep track of older messages you want to find easily, simply star the message by clicking on the star icon so that you can filter by your starred messages only. 

Once a message has been starred, you will see a confirmation ‘message starred’ and the star icon filled in.

To unstar messages, simply click on the star icon and you will see a notification ‘message unstarred’ and the star icon no longer filled in.

We appreciate your feedback! Do you have any questions or suggestions about this new feature? Let us know by sending us a note here.