Send and receive messages

We’re excited to introduce the new Messages feature based on our member feedback: relief professionals and employers can now message each other directly in the Relief Rover platform, so you never have to search through your emails to find an old conversation! 

Here are some ways you can use Messages on Relief Rover:

  1. Receive responses to a job you applied for
  2. View and respond to messages from employers 
  3. Organize your messages by using stars

1. Receiving responses to a job application

After you apply to a job, the employer can respond to your application directly in Relief Rover. These messages are now viewable in the messages area of your account, which you can access from the dashboard by clicking on the Messages icon. 

Message threads are arranged by chronological order, with the newest appearing first. You can change the display order to show oldest messages first by selecting the Order dropdown:

Clicking on the message contents will take you into a conversation, where you can view the entire conversation history of messages to and from an employer. 

2. Viewing and responding to messages from employers

Each time you receive a new message on Relief Rover, you will automatically receive an email notification. Messages can come from an employer responding to a job application, or from an employer who found your Resume through Search. 

To view your messages, click on the messages icon from your dashboard (My Account in the top right corner > dashboard). To respond, simply click on the message link and scroll to the bottom section Respond. Type your message here, include any attachments and click ‘send reply’

A reminder that veterinarian and technicians are only visible to employers in Search if they have a Resume published. Learn how to publish or hide your resume.

3. Organize your messages using stars

Some people prefer to delete old messages over time, while others prefer to keep some as reference. To keep track of older messages you want to find easily, simply star the message by clicking on the star icon so that you can filter by your starred messages only. 

Once a message has been starred, you will see a confirmation ‘message starred’ and the star icon filled in.

To unstar messages, simply click on the star icon and you will see a notification ‘message unstarred’ and the star icon no longer filled in.

We appreciate your feedback! Do you have any questions or suggestions about this new feature? Let us know by sending us a note here.