Set up job alerts

Save time in your job search by setting up custom job alerts that match specific keywords, categories or locations! You can choose the frequency of alerts, which are sent via email. 

To set these up, simply click on the Alerts icon from your dashboard after logging in. 

Click on add alert to set up a new job alert, and fill in the following fields for each unique job alert you want to set up.

Tip: the more specific your alerts are, the fewer the jobs that will match your alert.

  • Alert name: enter a name for this alert e.g. “emergency weekend shifts in California”
  • Keyword: enter a word or short phrase that you would like to match. For best results, leave this field blank
  • Location: type in the state of your preferred job e.g. California
  • Categories: select any specialties or types of practice from the list
  • Tags: select any species that you want to work with
  • Email Frequency: select how often you want to be emailed job alerts

Click save alert. You’ll then see a confirmation message “your alerts have been updated”. Hooray!

A reminder that veterinarian and technician profiles are only visible to employers in Search if they have a Resume published. Learn how to publish or hide your resume.