Sorry, but the PVCC Enterprise Subscription is expired. For further information please contact Hal Pyke at [email protected]

You can still sign up your individual hospital with a Relief Rover Employer membership by clicking here.  We’d love to have you remain in our community!

Annual membership: $500/hospital

Monthly membership $50/hospital

Membership Value

  • Post attractive, searchable jobs and hospital profiles so relief professionals searching for work can find and contact you.
  • Search for and reach out to relief professionals who live or travel to your area for work.
  • Connect with those relief vets who may be looking for a place to settle as an associate.
  • Locate that relief vet who works ER, overnights, and sees birds. Or any other combination of skills and availability that you may need.
  • Access resources to help you build the best working relationships with relief vets and increase productivity on relief days.