How much does it cost to join for vets and techs?

Relief Rover is free for relief veterinarians and technicians.

How much does it cost to join for employers?

All hospitals and affiliates can now enjoy the benefits of membership through an easy to understand subscription.

What is the value of our membership for employers?

  • Post attractive, searchable jobs and hospital profiles so relief professionals searching for work can find and contact you.
  • Search for and reach out to relief professionals who live or travel to your area for work.
  • Connect with those relief vets who may be looking for a place to settle as an associate.
  • Locate that relief vet who works ER, overnights, and sees birds. Or any other combination of skills and availability that you may need.
  • Access resources to help you build the best working relationships with relief vets and increase productivity on relief days.

Who started Relief Rover?

Relief Rover was founded by Dr. Cindy Trice in an effort to support and encourage relief veterinarians. You can read more about Cindy and all the vibrant professionals behind Relief Rover on the R team page.

What if I don’t find an answer to my question on this list?

We’ve created several support documents to help our users understand how to use the site. You could check those out. Or you could just fill out our contact form.


Will Relief Rover help me find relief work?

Yes! We have an active job board specifically for relief positions. You can search the job board based on a number of criteria, including location, practice type, species, and more. To view current jobs, sign up and then click this link.

What should I charge for my relief vet services?

We’re so glad you asked! We have created a simple way for relief veterinarians to calculate exactly many days to work, and how much to charge based on your personal expenses, business expenses and savings goals. It takes just a few minutes to finish and it’s completely free of charge.

Access the relief vet wage calculator now.

I’m a relief vet and I have plenty of work. Should I still join?

Absolutely! Relief Rover is much more than just a job board. We are a full-on social network of relief veterinarians that help each other by sharing our knowledge and expertise. You’ll find lots of information in our member area that’s not available to the general public.

Can employers see any of the member areas of the site?

No. All of our community pages – including our member directory, sitewide activity, forums, and groups are completely off limits to employers. If you’d like to be found by employers on the site, you can add your resume to our database, which is searchable by employers. Whether or not you do so is completely up to you.

Are you going to send a bunch of junk to my email address?

Nope. We won’t spam you. However, you may get notifications of activity on the site, such as when somebody requests to be your friend, or you get a message from another member. If these get to be too much, you can always turn off all or certain notifications in the settings area of your user account.

Are you going to use my information in some nefarious way?

Of course not! Next question please…

Can I join Relief Rover even if I don’t have relief experience?

Absolutely! If you’re considering becoming a relief vet, or taking on relief shifts, Relief Rover is an invaluable tool to help you get started on your journey.

What’s the difference between my Profile and my Resume?

Your profile is only available to be seen by other relief vets in our member area. Your resume will be visible to both relief vets and employers. If you don’t want to be found by employers, don’t fill out your resume.

Can I have my cake and eat it too?

We think you know the answer to that. 😉


How can I increase my chances of finding a relief vet on Relief Rover?

Be sure to fill out the submit a job form as completely as possible. Include a rich description of your practice, and what you’re looking for in detail. This will help our relief vets understand your position and apply to it.

Do I have to post a job?

No. If you’d rather, you can look through our database of resumes to try to locate a relief vet for your practice. Our recommended method is to post a job in order to increase your visibility on the site, and then do searches in our database for ideal candidates.

How can employers sign up?