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We’ve created programs that allow you to take your experience as a relief veterinarian or nurse/technician and turn it into supplemental income.

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Our mission is to

Elevate and support independent contractor veterinary professionals

As part of this promise to you, we are constantly searching for opportunities to expand and capture this value for your benefit. In pursuit of this, we have formed two Relief Rover exclusive programs and would like your participation.

Veterinary Insights

You are highly trained veterinary professionals and your time and expertise are in demand. This program is designed to give your insights and expertise the added value they deserve.

You’re pioneering a program that will more powerfully bring veterinary professional voices into industry innovations. This is an opportunity for you to shape a veterinary industry that works for clinical veterinary professionals by offering your opinions through surveys, focus groups, and interviews.

Industry Champions

Relief professionals are pollinators. Working in multiple practices introduces you to various products and services. Often relief professionals will share this knowledge with other hospitals when a good fit is recognized.

Your extensive veterinary practice networks have value and you can act as a champion for products that you believe in and help support patients, practices, and the veterinary profession.

“Trust me, this is not about tossing you a $5 Starbucks gift card or entering you into some lottery for the chance at a prize.“


Ideal candidates will possess the following criteria:
Veterinary Insights.
Industry Champions.
Minimum 3 years veterinary (doctor or nurse) experience - VI
Worked for a minimum of 5 different practices - VI
A desire to supplement your income - VI & IC
An interest in sharing your opinion - VI & IC
Keen observational skills - VI
A willingness to try different products and services - VI & IC
A willingness to promote products you believe in - IC
An interest in having a positive impact on the veterinary profession - VI & IC

Use your insights to shape the veterinary world and earn good money in the process

We are committed to growing and expanding these programs over time to help benefit Relief Rover members. Get in on the ground floor today to ensure your spot in the program(s) of your choice.


Use what you already know to supplement your income and
improve the veterinary industry.

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