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You want the freedom, joy, adventure, and passion that you imagined when you joined our profession. Let us help you get there!

Our mission is to empower relief veterinarians and technicians and to improve quality of life throughout the veterinary profession. (“Relief” means freelance. You can do relief work on the side or as your main source of income. Many vets use relief work to test drive clinics until they find one to call home… Others live a true relief lifestyle and never settle down.)

By the way, we’re not an employer or a staffing agency of any kind. We’re simply a platform that you can use kind of like a Swiss army knife to build your relief business. We have so many tools to help you along your journey, including access to jobs, community, support, resources, education, discounts, and more.

Employers, you can enjoy all-inclusive membership for a low subscription fee — that gives you the privilege to connect with our thousands of relief professionals across the United States.