Is 2022 – the year of squinting into the sunshine of lifting COVID restrictions, inviting clients back into the clinic, and reassessing our careers – really over?

This year inspired me. Why? Because of you. The growing Relief Rover community, made up of change-makers, risk-takers, and idea-bakers.

*stats as of 12/19/22

Here are the numbers you helped us reach this year!

  • 3,498 total vet and tech members
  • 4,036 connections between relief pros and employers in 2022
  • 983 new relief vet members
  • 238 new tech members
  • $2,200 raised for Not One More Vet
  • $15,000 raised for PrideVMC

We also did the following just for you:

  • Launched our RACE approved CE webinar program in response to your great questions
  • Added new messaging and job application features based on your feedback
  • Published 28 relevant and exciting articles in R Magazine featuring your voices
  • Introduced 3 new partnership discount perks to help save you money

And, because of your engagement, ideas, and inquiries we’re bringing even more relevant resources to you in 2023. So, stay tuned for some exciting new features, tools, and content to help you weave a beautiful life of caring for animals while freeing up more of your time.

Here’s how you can keep helping everyone experience joy in vet med:

1: Keep using our jobs platform and tell us how we can make it better.
Why? The easier it is for you to find work you love, the more you, your co-workers, and veterinary employers will enjoy the profession.

2: Log on to our community and make some new connections.
Why? The stronger your network of support, the stronger you and your colleagues will feel. It’s the reservoir we can all draw from any time we need hope or encouragement. When we build our relief network, we can celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

3: Explore all of your passions inside and outside of vet med.
Why? The more you do what you love, the more meaning you’ll find in every day. Share your passion by telling us what to write about in R Magazine.

4: Spread the word about our free vet and tech membership.
Why? So we can help as many of you as possible, of course! We’ll keep showering you with resources, tools, and tips to further your dream career.

5: Tell us how we can keep evolving to meet your needs!
Why? You’re a treasured part of our profession. Yes, YOU. Email me anytime at [email protected]

You are relief heroes.

Keep exploring, growing, and giving because you are the inspiration for tomorrows’ generations. Can you hear them? Somewhere in the future budding vets and techs are thanking you for shaping a profession they can love.


You’ll love our membership. (Vets and techs, it’s free for you!)

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