Delaware Veterinarian Licensing Requirements and more

What can a relief vet or tech get paid?

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Important notes:

  • We specifically did not ask members what they charge themselves. We know people can be shy about disclosing that info, so we focused on their understanding of typical rates.
  • Participants were permitted to respond for multiple states, as relief professionals may work in multiple states.


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How do I get licensed as a veterinarian?

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Requirements for veterinary practice in Delaware:
Here’s a quick overview of the veterinary licensing requirements for the state of Delaware. *Last updated 08.25.22.

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The quick details:
fee: $190
licensing period: 1 year
Continuing education (ce) requirements: 24 hours biennially

Are the following available?
temporary license: yes
reciprocity: yes

Are the following accepted?
Foreign Grads – AVMA ECFVG or PAVE: yes

Are the following documents required?
resume: no
transcripts: yes
professional references: no

Are the following personal checks required?

background check: no
verification of active practice: no
proof of citizenship/alien status: yes

Are the following educational items required?

NAVLE or NBE & CCT – VIVA Score: yes
Certificate of Veterinary Medical Education/Diploma: yes
Grad of AVMA Approved College of Vet Med: yes
license verification/letter of good standing: yes
jurisprudence exam: no

What about DEA licensing and other important details?

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We have so much information on this that it’s impossible to organize it neatly on this page.

So we organized a multi-page document covering Delaware Prescription Drug Monitoring Protocols (PDMP), prescriptions and dispensing, telemedicine, Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationships (VCPR), and permits.

We also include additional information on veterinary professional licensing, state licensing, recordkeeping, permits, and continuing education.

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How can I set up my business?

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How do I find a CPA?

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